Featherweight V3.0 6412B6

AirDAQ USB Pair: 6412B4

BoxDAQ Pair: 6412B2

For details on installing the Featherweight boom using the Conformal Mounting System, please review the installation guide:

Conformal Mount Kit Installation Guide (PDF)

To view and record data using the AirDAQ USB and a laptop or tablet computer, use the Featherweight software:

Featherweight Software (Mac)

Featherweight Software (Windows)

Note: the AirDAQ USB must be plugged in to the host computer using the included USB cable before running the software. If the software will not start, try installing the FTDI device drivers appropriate for your operating system found here: https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

To work with the raw data from the boom or apply calibrations in post-processing to data recorded on the BoxDAQ, reference the output definition:

Output Definition