The BoxDAQ is our easy-to-use, acro-capable GPS/INS/datalogger. You can read all about it here. We've decided to try something new - it's available to rent!


Because flight test is better with data, but not every program can afford to spend thousands of dollars on an INS. Similarly, not every program needs an INS forever - if you need data for just a few flights, it might be cheaper to rent!

  • At just $399/week, our rental program puts INS data within reach of even the smallest test programs.
  • The addition of 50 Hz Lat/Lon/Alt and Pitch/Roll/Yaw data reduces time in the air, and likewise operating costs, required to get a given set of data.
  • Not sure if a BoxDAQ is right for you? This is a great way to try-before-you-buy with minimal upfront cost.


  • The BoxDAQ rental rate is $399/week.
  • Two-way shipping (UPS Ground, continental US) and packaging is included.
  • Upfront payment in full is required.

Email us at with dates you'd like to use the BoxDAQ and any details you're willing to share about your project (this is just helpful for us). We'll send you an invoice and payment details (we offer secure payment through Stripe). As soon as payment is received we'll get the BoxDAQ in the mail.

Once you receive your BoxDAQ, installation is completed in just minutes with an included adhesive camera mount. Go fly, get data, then use the included packaging to send the BoxDAQ back to us prior to the chosen return date.

What's the fine print?

In plain english:

  • If the BoxDAQ doesn't come back to us, we will invoice you for the full purchase price of the BoxDAQ.
  • If the BoxDAQ comes back late, we'll invoice you in one-week chunks at the agreed-upon rental rate.
  • If the plastic housing for the BoxDAQ gets broken, but the guts are OK, you won't be charged. Stuff happens.
  • If the inertial sensor in the BoxDAQ gets broken (you'd really have to be trying), we will invoice you for the full purchase price of the BoxDAQ.
  • If you need the BoxDAQ in a hurry, or you're outside the continental US, we'll send you a quote for an increased rate and wait for your approval.

Sound fair?

I need data crunching too.

We can help with that! We offer flight test engineering services to help you get the most from your data. Tell us what you're trying to do and we'll tell you how we can help.

I have ideas!

Great! This is a new concept and we're open to feedback. Email us with your questions and comments.