BoxDAQ User Manual

What's in the box

Charging the batteries

  • Each LiPoly battery will provide approximately 4 hours of data collection. Prior to use, the batteries should be fully charged. This should take 5 hours at most per battery.
  • To charge a BoxDAQ battery, connect it to the charger using the white JST connector. Then, connect the charger to a USB power source such as a computer using the included USB cable.
  • The battery is charging when the charger displays a red light. When the charger displays a green light, the battery is ready for use.

Mounting the BoxDAQ


The BoxDAQ should be mounted to a clean, flat surface, as close to the aircraft's center-of-gravity as possible.

  • On most aircraft, a glareshield or baggage shelf will suffice.
  • The antennas should be mounted facing the front of the aircraft. If mounted backwards, as shown above, the data is usable but will need to be corrected.
  • If desired, use an inclinometer to level the unit with respect to the aircraft using a canopy rail or similar datum.

Mount the GPS antenna somewhere with upward line-of-sight for best performance.

  • Ideally, the GPS antenna will be mounted near the BoxDAQ.
  • The GPS antenna is best mounted with double-sided adhesive.

Connect the GPS antenna to the SMA connector on the BoxDAQ. Do not overtighten.

Turning on the BoxDAQ

  • Remove the battery cover of the BoxDAQ by carefully depressing the latch and sliding the cover towards the back of the unit. Handle the cover carefully to avoid damage to the latch.
  • Slide a fully-charged battery into the battery enclosure with the wires facing out of the unit. Plug the battery into the white JST connector. The connector is keyed to avoid reverse polarity.
  • Carefully bundle the wires so they don't get pinched by the latch, and slide the battery cover into place until the latch clicks.

The 3 lights on the end of the BoxDAQ should all be on during normal operation.

The BoxDAQ is always recording data while it is turned on. To stop recording, remove the battery cover and unplug the battery.

Getting the Data

  • To download the data from the BoxDAQ, simply plug it into any computer using the included USB cable.
  • The BoxDAQ does not need to be battery powered while downloading data.
  • Data files can be copied from the BoxDAQ like any USB flash drive.