We do a lot of stuff. 

 Electrical Engineering

With 10 years of experience in embedded systems design, programming, and troubleshooting, we bring a strong suite of available tools to the table when tackling a custom project.

  • Schematic development and PCB layout - Altium Designer

  • Firmware development - Everything from assembler to Python

Mechanical Design

All of our products are designed and developed here at Spingarage. We leverage CAD/CAM software and our rapid prototyping capabilities to quickly bring new designs into three dimensions.

  • AutoDesk Inventor CAD/CAM

  • Experience with designing for extreme environments

  • Wide variety of materials

Prototyping and Production

We’re proud of the fact that we can build what we design. A large stable of in-house equipment lets us quickly create prototypes and spool up production runs. Our in-house equipment includes:

  • CNC mill (30” X x 16” Y x 20” Z, 18-tool ATC)

  • CNC collet lathe (6-tool turret, tailstock, parts catcher)

  • Solder paste printer + pick-and-place machine

  • 3D printer (FDM, ABS plastic, 5”x5”x5” build area)

A large supplier network gives us the capability to quickly outsource any components that we can’t make in-house.


We can quickly an efficiently test new designs without the overhead of a full test lab. We know how to find fast and inexpensive ways to build test fixtures, and we can get things in the air in a hurry.

  • Thermal chamber - 250C to -70C, 12”x12”x12”

  • Cryogenics experience for larger tests

  • Experimental aircraft available for airborne testing

  • Wingtip-mounted articulating sting