Coming Soon: Featherweight V3.0

Aluminum Kiel Probe | Aluminum Vane Masts

Internal Wiring | Multiple Output Formats

Wireless, Temporary Instrumentation

Acro-Capable INS

BoxDAQ combines a high-quality, acro-capable INS with an AirDAQ receiver, datalogger, and integrated battery power to make the most user-friendly INS datalogger in the industry.

Wireless Air Data

Featherweight is a revolutionary air data boom with an integrated air data computer, battery power, and a unique conformal mounting system that can be temporarily attached to almost any light aircraft.


INS Rental Program

The most user-friendly INS datalogger in the industry is available to rent. With BoxDAQ rentals starting at just $399/week, we're excited to provide this cost-effective way to add an INS to a test program.

It's about the data.

Spingarage is about getting you data. Our products are designed to not stand in the way of a test program, offering fast, temporary installations, lightning-fast setup, and even faster data offload. Built with fast-paced flight test in mind, we offer the fastest integration of INS and Air Data instrumentation in the industry. You won't be disappointed with the data quality, either. Our integral datalogging hardware and battery power keeps sensitive instrumentation away from noisy electrical systems and puts the sensors as close as possible to what you're trying to measure, meaning you get clean, accurate data - and you get it in a hurry.

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Don't let instrumentation slow you down.


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