Featherweight V3.0 Wireless


Featherweight V3.0 Wireless


Lead Time: 2 Weeks

The Featherweight V3.0 Wireless air data system combines a beautifully machined Kiel-type pitot static port, vanes for angle-of-attack and angle-of-sideslip measurement, and an AirDAQ compatible, battery-powered air data computer in a lightweight, 250-gram probe. Designed for quick and easy temporary attachment to any airframe in fast-paced flight test applications, the Featherweight provides an alternative to expensive and heavy air data systems. It's the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to acquire the following parameters from a test aircraft:

  • Pitot Pressure
  • Static Pressure
  • Angle-of-Attack
  • Angle-of-Sideslip

Looking for a quick, easy way to attach the Featherweight to your airframe? Check out the Conformal Mounting System!

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What's in the box


The Featherweight V3.0 includes everything you need to get started collecting data:

  • Featherweight V3.0 Air Data Boom with integrated air data computer

  • 2x CR2 non-rechargeable batteries

  • 1x AirDAQ USB receiver

  • 1x Micro USB cord

Every Featherweight is shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard mailer with custom plastic fixtures that can be re-used for storage and transport.

Technical Specifications


Length: 56"

Weight: 250g


  • Static Pressure: +/- 0.06 PSI

  • Pitot Pressure: +/- 0.004 PSI

  • AoA/AoS: +/- 0.1 deg

Battery Life (non-rechargeable, CR2): 8 hours (nominal)

Recommended Operating Limitations:

  • Temperature: -0C/+50C

  • Airspeed: 20-155 KIAS

  • G: +/-4

  • AoA/AoS: +/- 20 deg

Demonstrated airspeed accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated airspeed accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated altitude accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated altitude accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Built To Last


Built from strong, lightweight carbon fiber with just the right amount of aluminum and ABS plastic, the Featherweight will survive the challenges of flight test.

  • Unidirectional carbon boom with twill overwrap

  • Turned aluminum Kiel probe

  • Aluminum vane masts, stainless steel vane shafts, double-shielded ball bearings

  • Tiny, conductive-plastic ball-bearing potentiometers rated for 10,000,000 turns

  • 3D-printed ABS plastic vanes and electronics enclosure

Orange Wire Not Required


The Featherweight boom includes an integrated, battery-powered air data computer with a low-power 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that transmits data from the boom to a nearby laptop (with the included AirDAQ USB) or to a BoxDAQ, meaning there's no need to run wires down the wing to the boom. There's also no need to install an expensive and heavy DAS chassis in the test vehicle. 


Option 1: Receive data with a laptop in the test aircraft 

Ideal for:

  • Low-budget operations

  • Testing that includes an FTE in the test aircraft

  • Testing that requires viewing data in real-time

Every Featherweight boom includes an AirDAQ USB - a tiny USB dongle that can be plugged into any laptop to create a flexible, interactive datalogging solution. The dongle enumerates as a virtual com port, so data can be read using a simple Python, C, or MATLAB script. The provided examples get you up and running in a hurry.


Option 2: Receive data with a BoxDAQ in the test aircraft

Ideal for:

  • Single-pilot operations

  • Testing that requires time-synchronized INS data

The BoxDAQ, our GPS/INS datalogger, includes an AirDAQ receiver and will seamless record data from a Featherweight air data boom with no additional configuration required. In addition to air data parameters, the acro-tested BoxDAQ will also provide lat/lon/alt and roll/pitch/heading information at 50 Hz.


Option 3: Receive data with a laptop in a chase aircraft

Ideal for:

  • Operations that require chase

  • Single-pilot test aircraft that require viewing data in real-time

  • Operations that need an alternative to expensive telemetry systems

The AirDAQ system has a range of approximately 500 ft., so testing can be performed with a laptop and FTE in a chase aircraft. This revolutionary feature allows viewing data from single-pilot aircraft real-time without the need for an expensive telemetry system, and can add a whole new dimension of intel to single-pilot testing.

Brilliantly Simple Installation


The conformal mount kit (seen above, sold separately) provides a quick and easy way to attach the Featherweight Air Data Boom to nearly any airframe. Our wireless AirDAQ system means no wires to run down the wing and into the fuselage, and the system is easily removable, making temporary installations for short-term flight tests a snap.

Easy to use - no setup required!

The AirDAQ system works seamlessly to start acquiring data the instant the system is powered up. No IP configuration, no settings to adjust, and no hassle. Our proprietary 2.4GHz wireless protocol just works, right out of the box. The AirDAQ USB reports human-readable ASCII data over a virtual COM port, so custom data acquisition software is easily written in Python or MATLAB.


A simple single-file executable is included for simple applications, providing everything you need at the click of a mouse.

  • View data in real-time in engineering units (Airspeed in knots, pressure altitude in feet, AoA/AoS in deg)

  • Log data to a .csv file for later analysis in Excel, MATLAB, etc.

  • Tag important data when it happens using a maneuver number

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