Featherweight V3.1 UAV


Featherweight V3.1 UAV

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The Featherweight V3.1 UAV is an air data boom, also known as a YAPS probe, optimized for for use on small-to-medium UAVs. It combines a precision-machined Kiel-type pitot-static probe with silky-smooth ball-bearing vane masts, 3D-printed ABS plastic vanes, and a carbon fiber boom to provide the following outputs:

  • Pitot pressure

  • Static pressure

  • Angle-of-attack

  • Angle-of-sideslip

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Technical Specifications


Length: 24 in. (Custom cut lengths available up to 56 in.)

Weight: 160g

Recommended Operating Limitations:

Temperature (standard temp range): 0C/+50C

Temperature (extended temp range): -70C/+50C

VNE (standard vane): 155 KIAS

Demonstrated airspeed accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated airspeed accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated altitude accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS

Demonstrated altitude accuracy, measured on an articulating sting, 0-30 deg AoA/AoS


Silky-Smooth AoA and AoS

Our vane uses high-quality components to ensure free rotation and responsiveness at the lowest of airspeeds.

  • Precision-machined aluminum vane masts

  • Stainless steel shafts

  • Sealed ball bearings

Precision conductive-plastic continuous-rotation potentiometers provide a robust, precise, repeatable angle measurement.

  • Potentiometer linearity: 2%

  • Rated life: 10,000,000 turns

  • Potentiometer resistance: 5k ohm

Interested in 1% linearity or different resistance? Email us!

The lightest Kiel probe in the business

Our precision-machined aluminum Kiel probe weighs just 25g and provides improved accuracy at the higher angles of attack often seen by UAVs.

Dual static ports are provided for easy connection to discrete absolute and differential pressure transducers, making integration a snap.


Now available with an extended temperature range to meet the most demanding requirements!

Specifically designed to support extreme applications such as high-altitude UAVs, the extended temperature range probe is built with components tested to -70C.


We’ve re-engineered the seals in the Kiel probe with an aluminum insert for CTE matching, and sealed them with a special sealant rated for use at extremely low temperatures. This ensures pitot-static leaks won’t develop during extreme thermal cycling.

Every Kiel probe built for extended temperature use is leak-checked in a thermal chamber at -70C to ensure it meets our high quality standards.


Our extended-temperature vane masts have been modified to use a phenolic-insulated, bushing-style potentiometer, and we’ve engineered a graphite-bronze bushing that performs at low temperatures.

We’ve tested the ABS vanes to ensure excessive brittleness doesn’t develop at low temperatures, and we’ve tested the vane mast to ensure continued freedom of rotation and responsiveness of the potentiometer down to the rated temperature.

Note: the graphite-bronze bushings produce slightly higher stiction than our sealed ball bearings. For this reason, we recommend our low-speed vane for applications using the extended temperature range at less than 30 KIAS.


Our low speed vanes provides significantly increased responsiveness at very low airspeeds. A steel balance weight has been added to ensure the vane doesn’t exhibit gravitational bias.