Featherweight Probe + BoxDAQ

A standalone air data + GPS/INS datalogging solution that can be installed on any aircraft in minutes.

It's about the data.

Spingarage is about getting you data. Our products are designed to not stand in the way of a test program, offering fast, temporary installations, lightning-fast setup, and even faster data offload. Built with fast-paced flight test in mind, we offer the fastest integration of INS and Air Data instrumentation in the industry. You won't be disappointed with the data quality, either. Our integral datalogging hardware and battery power keeps sensitive instrumentation away from noisy electrical systems and puts the sensors as close as possible to what you're trying to measure, meaning you get clean, accurate data - and you get it in a hurry.

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GPS/INS and Air Data, right now.

When developing a new suite of instrumentation, we decided to start with the basics. We've developed awesome solutions for GPS/INS as well as air data instrumentation that will help keep you focused on the mission.



The BoxDAQ integrates a VectorNav GPS/INS with an AirDAQ receiver and on-board datalogger. Capable of maintaining alignment through rapid-onset G, sustained G, and other challenging maneuvers, the BoxDAQ is a high-end inertial instrumentation system that can be attached to any airframe using an action camera mount. Combined with a Featherweight Air Data System, the BoxDAQ is the fastest way to a full instrumentation suite for any airplane.


Air Data

The Featherweight Air Data Boom is a groundbreaking solution for those who need air data and need it quick. The Featherweight combines a Kiel probe, static port, and alpha/beta vanes with an on-board, battery-powered air data computer and wireless transmitter. With the included conformal mounting system, the boom can be temporarily attached to any airframe in less than half and hour, and removed just as quickly. Data can be wirelessly logged to a laptop in the test airplane, or to an on-board BoxDAQ.


Don't let instrumentation slow you down.


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